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Through his talks, Richard St. John is spreading the word about the factors that really lead to success. He has presented at many prestigious conferences, including the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in California, the ideaCity conference in Toronto, and the Thinking Digital conference in England. He has given keynote speeches to a wide range of audiences: CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists, accountants, appraisers, real estate agents, travel agents, and college students. .

Richardís presentation is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. He makes the whole subject of success more visual and spent years creating hundreds of graphic images that help tell the story and keep audiences tuned in. People donít fall asleep in his presentations. Just the opposite Ė they come away buzzing!


The most impressive aspect is that Richard takes a very heavy subject and makes it real and approachable for everyone, with humor and candor. That is the gift of his work. He has inspired us.
Michael Graber, director of marketing, FNC - Washington conference

The Appraisal Institute Board members all thought Richard’s talk was absolutely outstanding. It created a real buzz and got the board members talking about how to use his process to increase our success at all levels.    
R. Wayne Pugh, president, Appraisal Institute - Board of Directors meeting

Richard's talk was wonderfully enjoyable. I received emails with comments like "inspirational", "helped me identify what I want to do," and "exciting speaker."  Everyone seemed completely absorbed in what Richard had to say. Thank you, Richard, for making us laugh and giving us good tips, no matter how young or old we are.
Lois Frankel, director, Carleton University - keynote to students

Richard St. John's presentation to the Singapore Chamber of Commerce was exceptionally engaging and inspirational. His visual way of showing how success is built really captured the audience of CEOs.
Paul P. Peeters, CEO, Philips Electronics, Singapore - SICC talk
Richard captivated our audience and they really appreciated and absorbed his messages and stories. Our research professionals could relate to the analytical work and his ability to synthesize all of his research. We thank him for inspiring all of us.
Robert Wong, Marketing and Research Intelligence Association conference

What St. John is doing is bringing this extremely relevant information to people and putting it in a form where it can be understood and grasped.
Ken Woodrow, M.D., professor of psychiatry, Stanford

I thought the talk was terrific. It really distilled it down – a lot of information in a brief period of time. It was really good.
W. David McCoy, chairman, Exxon

The talk was amazing. Being in sales, you need those kinds of things to pump you up every once in awhile.
Jackie Tunbridge, sales associate, Irvine Decorating

I really enjoyed the presentation. It not only had substance, it was fun. I had four high-level planners with me and they found it magical. The content and graphics were terrific.
Chris Jordan, president, Young and Rubicam Advertising Canada

I think it was the highlight of the conference for me, because Richard really put it together well. He had people tuned in and listening.
Paul Rowan, co-founder, Umbra

I found it inspirational. I was wondering whether to do a big, multi-million dollar project and there was stuff that just pushed me, and I said ‘Go for it.’
Graham Hawkes, founded 5 technology companies, world record for deepest solo ocean dive.