Richard St. John has presented at some of the most prestigious conferences, including the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in California and the ideaCity conference in Toronto, and has given keynote speeches to a wide range of audiences. His talk Secrets of Success is rated one of the “Most Inspiring Talks” on the famous TED conference website. Students don’t fall asleep in his presentations. Just the opposite – they come away buzzing!



Before Richard we were thinking, “We don’t want to see another speaker," then he came on and it was amazing. We’ve seen a lot of speakers and he is by far the best. It was like an outline for life.
Manson Ng, University of Calgary

It was one of the best keynote speeches I’ve ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Keynote speakers often miss the mark, but he left some good nuggets of information for the students.
Sam Thiara, student affairs officer, Simon Fraser University

I kept nudging the people beside me saying, “This is the best talk I’ve ever seen,” and it truly was. I own an event company, I see hundreds of talks, and this was the best. Extremely enlightening, entertaining, and refreshing.
Brad LeBlanc, St. Mary’s University, founder, Engaging Entertainment

It was very motivating. I flew across the country to be here, and if all I saw was this presentation, then the trip was worthwhile.
Christy Smith, Royal Roads University

The presentation was really inspiring. As an entrepreneur just entering industry, I face the same things Richard talks about, not knowing what I want to do and finding what I love, so it really helped me
Matthew Holland, British Columbia Institute of Technology

The way he discovered the 8 traits, by conducting interviews with some of the world’s most successful people and then compiling all the similar traits together, was an amazing idea. Most speakers tell you what worked for them to succeed, but he tells you what worked for everybody..
Andrew Milbury, business college student, NSCC

It was fantastic. The students haven’t stopped talking about it. They’ve been completely inspired. .
Rebecca Flood, director of operations, ACE

Richard definitely gave one of the most memorable talks at the event. In fact, he probably wins the prize for most content per minute.
Arthur Benjamin, professor of mathematics, “America’s Best Math Whiz”

Richard inspired and empowered each and every delegate that attended his talk. I must say it was one of the best sessions we’ve ever had.
Taimur Mohammad, organizer, Student Impact Leadership Conference

It was full of insight and it totally captivated us. I was really moved by it.
Christina Manzocco, University of Calgary

He connected with us. I expected some straight-laced guy and I'd fall asleep, but the presentation was really lively and it made success understandable. It really hit home.
Gavin Norquay, Simon Fraser University

Something different is Richard puts himself second to the people he interviewed. A lot of speakers talk about themselves, and that’s fine, but Richard's story isn't just about him. It’s about hundreds of other successful people and, yes, there’s his story, too.
Brad LeBlanc, St. Mary’s University

That was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. It was fantastic. Very inspiring
John Jedlicka, University of Calgary

The content was really wonderful. I liked all the quotes. They show he actually got out into the field and did the interviews, as opposed to just coming up with a theory.
Erica Elyo, Wilfred Laurier University

That was the best PowerPoint I’ve ever seen. I go to a lot of conferences, and that was the best, the most entertaining.
Howard Simkins, Professor of Computer Technology, Sheridan College

We’ve seen a lot of motivational speakers and it’s usually, "Oh, gee, here we go again." But when Richard speaks there’s purpose and meaning. All of his points are awesome.
Dan DaSilva, University of Calgary

He knows this stuff inside out because he spent 10 years studying it. He didn’t just pull it out of the air, he based it on something concrete, and he’s got the information to back it up. It’s true, it’s proven, it's outstanding.
Brad LeBlanc, St. Mary’s University