8 To Be Great BOOKS at educational volume discount prices

The foundation for the program is the book 8 To Be Great by Richard St. John – the result of 10 years of research and over 500 interviews with very successful people, including many of the world's “greats.” The book makes success accessible and students are immediately drawn to its stories, quotes, graphics and humor. It's a resource they'll keep coming back to and the program makes it possible for each student to own their own copy by offering books at very economical volume discount prices.

Student & educator comments about 8 To Be Great

It’s a great book. It changed my life!
Andrew Fleck, student, St. Lawrence College

When I saw the book I thought, “This is brilliant! It's something I need for my students." You want students to be grabbed by something and this will grab them.
Eric Teoro, assistant professor of business, Lincoln Christian College

I usually ignore success books, but this one is great. It's witty, informative, and entertaining.
Sean Tyson, Simon Fraser University

What St. John is doing is bringing this extremely relevant information to people and putting it in a form where it can be understood and grasped.
Dr. Kenneth Woodrow, MD, professor of psychiatry, Stanford University

I enjoyed and appreciated reading 8 to be Great. Just embarking on the journey of life, the book provided comfort for me, and I'm sure others like me, by telling people's stories who have "been there" and "done that." I look forward to Richard's next book. Hint hint.
Caleb Wright, Lincoln Christian College

This book is an inspiration for anybody. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
Lorraine Ladouceur, librarian, Algonquin College

I love the book and so does my wife. Any book that stays on my coffee table for more than a month has to be great!
Robert S. Greene, professor, business and entrepreneurship, Niagara College

I don’t like reading, but I liked this book. It made me feel like I can go far in life.
Robert Ainsworth-Ferchat, student

I have been in education a long time and I can’t stress enough how well these ideas have been presented in a way that is a useable platform for helping kids.
Randy Williams, success teacher, Lester B. Pearson High School

I gave the book to my son who is reflecting on his big life decisions. And he, surprisingly, did not hand it back to me. He even thanked me. How much better can it get?
Lois Frankel, director, Carleton University

I believe what Richard says. His 8 factors are very consistent with what led to my success.
Arthur Benjamin, math professor, “America’s Best Math Whiz”