You’ve got to have these eight things to succeed. I’m going to get this book and have weekly talks with my kids.
James Cameron, Oscar-winning filmmaker, Titanic, Avatar, top two highest-grossing films of all time

I think this book is great! It’s full of simple lessons on what really drives success and dispels a lot of myths.
Jeff Skoll, co-founder, eBay

Great stuff! I’m giving copies of the book to my managers.
Brad Wolansky, director e-commerce, The Orvis Company

The book is awesome! It’s charming and insightful, and as deep as it is friendly.
J.J. Abrams, Emmy-winning director, TV series Lost

I have 150 books on success and I’d put this one in the top two I’ve ever read. It distills it down to something that makes sense. A very practical book.
Mike Hettwer, founder, CEO, Avenue Marketing

I absolutely love the book. I flip through it when I need inspiration. It’s a great gift to the world.
Jessica Switzer, managing director, Ruder Finn

I love the book. I’m an entrepreneur and it really resonated with me. It’s a different way to look at success.
Sam Morgan, founder, TradeMe, sold for $500 million

The author details eight common sense factors underlying success. The factors are on the mark and not found in other business books. So if you are going to pick up one book, get this one.
David L. Anderson, managing director, Supply Chain Ventures

Richard’s eight traits for success are grounded in primary research, presented in a compelling original format, and are completely spot on. Torch your other success books.
Jonathan Sills, Senior VP, Strategy & Corporate Development, ProFlowers

The book really resonated with me. The principles in the book are what I believe in, what I’ve experienced, and what I try and teach my management team, as well as my kids.
Bill Strauss, CEO, Provide-Commerce