Endorphin outbreak spreads!

When we say, “There’s something going around,” why is it always something bad, like a cold or the flu? Why couldn’t it be something good, like: “Endorphin Outbreak Spreads! Millions of people suddenly springing to life, full of positive vibes and unbelievable energy. Media outlets hoping for a quick cure, and return to bad news.”

  • Hey there, Richard! My doctor told me the reason I’m both disabled and healthy is my “attitude of gratitude”. Sounds as if you are having a blast as well!

  • Tymchatyn

    I agree I went out into the neighborhood for a walk and picked up a couple of bags full of garbage! Spring is sprung and the world will be green soon. Thanks for the message.

  • richard

    “attitude of gratitude” Hey Mike, I like that! Keep it up.