April 15, Webinar – "Retaining, Motivating, and Inspiring Today's Students: How To Do It With Eight Words."

If you’re an educator, you might be interested in our webinar on April 15. The subject is student motivation and retention. How do we encourage students to stay in college and not drop out, especially those who have lost their way or are struggling? This webinar is about how educators are doing it with 8 Words. Don Fraser and I will share the exciting results of pilot programs where college instructors are using 8 To be Great books, videos, and exercises to take students from a mindset of confusion, doubt, and anxiety, to an outlook of possibilities, confidence, and learning. In as little as an hour, students get more fired up about their career, education and future. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from students who attended a workshop:

“It was the best presentation I’ve ever seen! I learned useful ways to achieve, rather than moping around the house, telling my mother I don’t care about school.”
Thiuya, student, George Brown College

“It has helped me get through the first semester of college and will forever change the way I work and go about achieving my success.”
Rita Randelle Davis, student, George Brown College

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